Want to know what I’m up to at a glance? Check out my work queue below! Look for announcements on my Twitter, for updates on the slated release for each of these items

Website Phase I : Infrastructure

Groundwork is necessary. This is Phase I. Implementing core features of the website including the launch of the TERMINAL which is a token-gated vault that will provide exclusive and dynamic access benefits to my NFT holders.

Website Phase II : Universe Expansion

The 2nd phase of the website will include a rollout of physical merch/music, additional benefits and functionalities to the terminal (burn mechanisms, claims, upgrades, & more).

Generative Music Collection : Announcements Soon

A collaborative effort to deliver an authentic generative music project with hand-made stems enhanced with a unique abstract sculpture.

Builder Contributions

As an active artist and builder in Web3 it’s no secret that I’ve played a part in some awesome collections.

Actively contributing/have contributed to: Wicked Craniums, Cryptoraiders, Chainrunners, The Red Village, Bridgeworld/TreasureDAO, Blitmap, PILLS, Evaverse, & more as I continue to help build web3 worlds.

New 1/1 NFTs

Slated is an Async drop (likely Q3, 2022), artist collabs, performance pieces, and other innovative music concepts I’m exploring. All of which will play an aggregate role in the Noxis musicverse.

1/1 ETH NFTs Raffled For Select Holders

Likely launching in Q2. 1/1 NFTs will be raffled using the snapshot mechanism and chosen using Chainlink VRF to ensure an equitable result.